Handicapping Record is about finding the best hadicapper on earth then help them tell the world.


Sports Handicapping is a true art-form, and you can profit from their information. The people that handicap have chosen a path no one can really understand. We have made it our business, to bring out the strengths of Real Winning Handicappers. Not just have a bullshit records.

We have a far more superior way of proving if a handicapper is truly a winner.


Our goal is to partner with and promote serious sports consultants businesses. The attraction to winning at sports wagering is very real and catches the attion of all levels of investors. We are not looking to promote scam cappers, we don’t list dozens of  services. We promote handicapeprs looking to build clients and offer real services trimming off the heavy technical knowledge required to market a competitive sports business.

We don’t take a percentage of handicappers payments.



Or Softwear factors in a handicappers Betting Style, Units of risk, Winning Percentage.

Handicapper will receive a profile page so they can blog, post and sell picks. We don’t take any percentage of the handicappers earnings. We charge upfront $100 a year for simple monitoring.

Partner with us, You don’t need to worry about marketing. Partnered With Us: is a service where you worry about making picks, we worry about marketing! We have over 300,000 followers.


Losing Handicappers and Scamcapper records and details are removed.

Handicapping Record Terms Of Service: Handicapping Record in no way engages any form of illegal gambling! The information contained on this website is for news and entertainment purposes only. Any use of this information in violation of federal, state, provincial or local laws is strictly prohibited.

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